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5 Bedroom Plants That Will Help You Sleep Better
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Plants are known to improve the overall appearance of your home, but do you know they also contributes to your overall health? There are plants that are actually known to have soothing properties and help if you have trouble sleeping from time to time, you can benefit from such plants– not only they detoxify your bedroom’s air, but help you get a warm good night sleep as well. They add warmth, relaxing fragrance and effectively increase oxygen levels in your room, thus giving you a restful sleep. Try adding one of these plants in your bedroom to get a little dose of zen.

The scent of lavender induces calmness. A study conducted in 2008 has found that the plant’s scent help sooth fussy babies and help them fall into a deep sleep stage. Other than that, research has shown that the lavender is effective for lowering heart-rate and blood-pressure. As an alternative for the plant, you can use lavender essential-oil to get a better sleep. The plant grows best when placed in a bright window with full exposure to the sun. It only requires moderate watering.

2.Bamboo Palm
The bamboo palm is great for removing trichloroethylene and benzene, two chemicals which are known to induce respiratory problems, thus a great AIR PURIFYING PLANT. With the plant’s excellent filtering property, you can expect a restful sleep when keeping it in your bedroom. It has been awarded a high purifying score of 8.4 in a study conducted by NASA.

Gardenia features big white flowers and an intoxicating fragrance that is incomparable– not to mention it also comes with a sedative effect. A study conducted in 2010 has shown that the sweet smell of gardenia flowers has the same effectiveness as that of valium in relaxing the body and brain. So instead of relying on sleeping pills, keeping a gardenia in your bedroom or outside your bedroom window could help you sleep more effectively.

4.Aloe Plant
Aloe is widely known for its healing property, but it is also considered the most effective plant in terms of filtering out hazardous chemicals and toxins in the air. It lets out oxygen during nighttime, something which is not typical for plants, hence leaving you with a fresher and cleaner air for a more restful sleep. It also produces volatile which provides a positive effect on your immune-system. By having an Aloe-Vera inside your bedroom, you can expect a good night sleep.

5.Snake plant
According to NASA, the snake plant is among the 10-best houseplants that help filter the air. It absorbs carbon-dioxide while at the same time releases oxygen during nighttime, hence allowing you to achieve deep-sleep. Through this process, you can expect a naturally clean and fresh air inside your bedroom.
The snake-plant is a succulent and doesn’t need that much of water or light, hence you can simply place it even in the darkest of corners of your room. It’s actually a low maintenance plant that is ideal for beginners.

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