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4 Stage Breath Control (Taoist Breathing #2)
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Published 2 years ago |
4 Stage Breath Control

The Tao of Longevity

The 4 steps of the taoist breathing technique, which I recommend you start practicing today. You'll soon reach a point were you can multi-task while practicing your 4 stage breath control.

Personally, I like to practice my Taoist breathing while watching television, a documentary film, sitting in traffic or showering.

This is slower breathing, it's going to take 20-40 seconds to go through the four steps,
according to Taoism quantity of breath can be reduced in lieu of quality
Taoists measure life span not by counting birthdays but by counting breaths and heartbeats: Every breath and heartbeat saved now prolongs life later. (3156-3157)

Ideally you want to devote 10-15 minutes daily to practicing breathing but even if you just do it for a few minutes it will improve your mindset.

Your 1st Goal: Should be to reach a state of cellular respiration which you'll notice from the body heat you are generating after 10-15 minutes of breathing

Filmed at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

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