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The C Word - Dr Kevin Conners Interview, Essential Oils Revolution Podcast
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Conners Clinic
Published a year ago |
Dr Kevin Conners was interviewed on the Essential Oils Revolution Podcast and discussed the emotionally charged topic of cancer. Cancer affects 1 in 2.25 people in the United States today, and is quickly on track to advance to 1 in 2. The tendency of most people, once handed a diagnosis of cancer, is to react (understandably) from a place of shock and fear. Dr. Kevin Conners suggests taking the time to do research and consider the alternative treatments available, if possible, before resorting to the “big guns”—radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. Dr. Kevin Conners is the Staff Physician and Clinic Director at Conners Clinic, an Alternative Cancer Treatment Center in St Paul, MN. He’s been studying alternative cancer care for over 18 years. He has written numerous books including “Stop Fighting Cancer and Start Treating the Cause” that is available as a free download at

It would be difficult to find someone who has not been affected in some way by cancer. In troubling times like these, isn’t it great to have access to so much information? Genetic testing can go far to inform us how our unique bodies respond to different natural supplements and protocols when it comes to treating cancer. We have the ability to listen to our bodies and the power to choose our path of treatment. Why not make the most informed decisions possible?

In this Episode You’ll Discover:

• What are the most common therapies you offer in your clinic? (4:30)
• Essential oils beneficial for people living with cancer (8:10)
• Every body is different—everyone gets tested for their body’s unique response (10:20)
• Genetic testing for detox pathways (12:00)
• Cancer causes (14:10)
• How Dr. Conner’s clinic measures its “success rate” (26:30)

Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include:

Frankincense essential oil
Lemongrass and cinnamon essential oils
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