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Published a year ago |
Each Christian has a choice. He or she can sit around watching TV or shopping at a local mall....basically wasting each day while waiting for the COMPLETELY NON--SCRIPTURAL PRE--TRIBULATION all-American fabrication dating back to only the year 1840 and a man named John Darby....then later popularized by the "Left Behind" books and movies. OR....he can use the weeks, months or years remaining to tell every still-unsaved person we know about salvation through the blood of Jesus !! --- If you choose to redeem this time by being bold and joining in the "GREAT COMMISSION".....the Great Harvest of lost two single-page
websites in English and Spanish will make your evangelism very easy and efficient. These pages were written and designed by me and I beta-tested them for six months all over the world. Results have been extraordinary, with many Christian evangelists reporting...."This is the only tool I need !"
My name appears NOWHERE on them and they are not monetized. --- These are for the glory of my God and our Savior ONLY. Please give them a try and please share the domains or this video with every person involved in Christian evangelism. God bless you !! --- For SCRIPTURAL PROOF
that the PTR is a grand deception designed to keep Christians IMMOBILIZED and not prepared with stored food, water and other essentials in the coming global famine, pestilence and war....
please view these two outstanding videos by Steve, owner of the excellent YT channel called
"Thing About It". --- .....and

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